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SpamQuiz is a patent-pending technology to reliably achieve "zero spam" without standards changes or new deployment of technology. It was done to allow advanced, scalable multimedia e-mail technology to cope with billions of email messages/address combinations. Lynne Jolitz invented it to make email useable once again, even if 99% of all email messages became just spam.

How it works is to force e-mail transactions to complete a "quiz" before being awarded the ability to deliver mail. Since spam is "dumb" about the transaction, it fails to pass the quiz and can't deliver. On the other hand, true mail answers the questions often by default without changes in ANY email client/server, delivering the mail normally. Ironically, it works better because it uses ALL of the existing mail (SMTP) standard as intended by the original Internet architects. Almost all spam is passed because of sloppy interpretation of technical standards.

SpamQuiz is used by service providers to prevent customers from opportunistic unsolicited email. Customers need do nothing for it to work, however they may wish to relax the rules if there is unsolicited mail they wish to be aware of and/or potentially selectively receive. SpamQuiz does no *content filtering*, which customers may elect to do seperately - the objective is to reject "illegal mail" on exclusively non-content grounds. Content filtering applied to spam just encourages them.

TeleMuse isn't in the spam business, which has a certain reputation for "snake oil". So the technology isn't being actively sold, just used as part of other applications. However, if you'd like to license it, speak with Lynne Jolitz and it can be arranged for a nominal one time fee.